Cheap Car Insurance in Wyoming

Wyoming Car Insurance Requirements

Wyoming is known as the Equality State; a state motto that certainly applies to Wyoming’s drivers. All of them must provide some sort of financial responsibility in order to register and drive their vehicles. Most drivers will fulfill that requirement by purchasing a standard car insurance policy. However, Wyoming does offer several other options:

  • a deposit of cash or securities with the state treasurer, of no less than $25,000 in value
  • a surety bond with a state licensed bond company
  • a real estate bond with at least two Wyoming property owners

If you’re a Wyoming driver and you’ve never heard of these three additional options, you’re not alone. Most drivers simply buy car insurance and are done with it. Being that you’re probably one of those drivers, consider that a basic liability policy in Wyoming includes:

  • bodily injury/death liability of $25,000 for a single person, $50,000 total for multiple persons
  • property damage liability of $20,000

These liability amounts are designated on a per-accident basis. That means your insurance policy will pay up to the limit for every accident you have, regardless of how many. It’s not like health insurance that puts an annual limit on benefits.

Driver Responsibilities

All Wyoming drivers are required to obtain the proper documentation and keep it in their vehicles at all times. That documentation could include an ID card issued by your insurance company, a certificate of deposit from the state treasurer, or a bond certificate if you went that route.

Drivers are also required to produce that documentation when requested by a police officer. Such a request is almost always made during a traffic stop or accident investigation. If you cannot produce your documents you will be subject to a citation.

Insurance Violations

If you’re found guilty of insurance violations, including allowing your policy to lapse or driving without insurance, penalties are severe. A first offense can result in a fine ranging between $250 and $750. You could also be slapped with a six-month jail term at the same time. A second offense can raise the fine as high as $1,500 and also include time in jail.

Not only is driving without insurance risky in terms of the penalties imposed if you’re caught, it’s also very difficult to get away with. Wyoming maintains very good records and routinely compares insurance and registration information. If a random check shows you have a valid registration but no insurance you can rest assured you’ll get a friendly letter from the state. You’ll have to follow the instructions provided in order to avoid serious consequences.