Cheap Car Insurance in Utah

Utah Car Insurance Requirements

As Utah is a no-fault insurance state they require every driver who wishes to register a vehicle to also purchase a car insurance policy. At minimum, that policy must provide for property damage liability, bodily injury liability, and personal injury protection. Drivers who wish to add additional coverages may do so as they see fit.

Every insurance company selling policies in Utah must provide at least the following minimum coverages:

  • personal injury protection (PIP) –  $3,000 per person, per accident
  • bodily injury/death liability –  $25,000 per accident for a single victim; $65,000 per accident in combined payments for multiple victims
  • property damage liability –  $15,000 per accident

It’s important to note the difference between PIP and bodily injury/death liability. PIP is insurance that covers your medical bills regardless of who is at fault in an accident. Bodily injury/death liability is insurance that covers the medical needs of people you might injure through your own negligence.

As a no-fault state Utah limits the right to sue negligent drivers unless injuries meets certain quantitative requirements. A personal injury lawyer would be the best suited to advise you as to your right to sue.

Your Insurance Card

When you buy car insurance in Utah your carrier will send you what’s known as an insurance ID card. Throw that card in your glove box just in case you ever get pulled over by a police officer. When an officer requests to see your ID card you are obligated to show it; if you don’t have it in your vehicle you could get a ticket.

Keep in mind that Utah has a system in place allowing them to check registration records against insurance records. This means they can easily determine whether or not you have car insurance in force. If you attempt to present a police officer with a fraudulent ID card you won’t get away with it. You’ll be identified as having no insurance and you’ll face severe penalties.

Consequences for Driving without Insurance

If you violate Utah’s car insurance law a first offense will result in a class B misdemeanor charge and a minimum fine of $400. Fines it go up and suspensions are in play for repeat offenders. Furthermore, if you’re convicted of enough violations you may be assigned to a high-risk pool and forced to purchase your car insurance at a much higher rate. Considering the cost of cheap car insurance these days, that’s a risk you’d be foolish to take.