Cheap Car Insurance in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Car Insurance Requirements

In New Hampshire auto insurance regulation is the domain of the state Insurance Department. Interestingly enough, the Granite State is similar to Iowa in that drivers are not required by law to purchase liability insurance. The New Hampshire statute does say drivers must prove financial responsibility in the event of an at-fault accident, but they never clearly state how that is to be accomplished.

Nonetheless, New Hampshire still strongly recommends every driver purchase car insurance. Drivers who don’t have insurance, and then cannot meet their financial obligations after an accident, will be subject to license and registration suspension, garnishment of wages, and possible seizure of assets.

Furthermore, you may no longer qualify for the exemption from car insurance if you meet any of the following standards:

  • you’ve been convicted of a DWI or DUI
  • you are a habitual offender attempting to regain your license and registration after a previous suspension
  • you are deemed responsible for an at-fault accident under which you are not covered by insurance
  • you’ve been convicted of an offense during an administrative hearing; one example would be excessive points added to your license for speeding or other infractions

If so New Hampshire car insurance law seems odd to you, it gets worse. If you are required to purchase car insurance and furnish proof to New Hampshire authorities the only form of proof they accept is an SR-22 certificate. That certificate is filled out and submitted to the state by your car insurance provider on your behalf.

The insurance you purchase must provide a minimum amount of liability coverage to protect those you might harm in a crash. For bodily injuries or deaths your policy would need to cover $25,000 for a single victim and $50,000 for multiple victims. For property damage the minimum amount is $25,000.

SR-22 Conditions

Most drivers that are forced to buy auto insurance and file the SR 22 will be compelled to do so for a minimum of three years. If, during that time, a driver minds hiss P’s and Q’s the court may allow him to drop his insurance after a few years But if the driver continually gets into trouble his insurance and SR-22 requirement could be extended indefinitely, in three year increments.

If New Hampshire requires you to file the SR-22, and you fail to do so, plan on having your registration and license suspended. You may also find it a challenge to register new cars in the future.